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Posted by on Mar 18, 2016 in Latest |

Translating Social Media

Cracking SEO and social media is a tricky and timely business to get yourself into however, it is crucial now that you immerse yourself in the above if you own a business. In addition to this, it may be worth considering how much business and potential clients you may be turning away from your website or social media page if your posts and articles have not been written in a particular language.


Every business owner these days, with the exception of local businesses where a presence on the internet and on social media is not completely necessary, must have an online presence and knowledge of SEO and social media. For many business owners, having a business without Search Engine Optimisation or without putting your stamp on certain social media sites is like telling somebody the name or address of your property without giving them a map or any further details about how to get there. Regular updates and posts on social media and on your website will help you to get a better SEO ranking and in turn will increase your number of potential clients and interest in your company.

But what if you wish to engage new clients or open up to a wider audience by attracting an audience that does not speak your own language? Social media is a powerful thing and an important one at that too, so what about considering having some of your social media posts translated into a different language to appeal to potential clients in a different country?! Having your social media posts and updates translated into another or even several different languages could possibly be one of the easiest ways to attract more clients around the world and is most likely easier and perhaps cheaper than having all of your marketing materials translated into a different language too. In addition to this, posting about an update, your services, your business or about an offer relating to your business may prove to be a high-ranking keyword(s) in another language. I know from personal experience that some keywords in Bulgarian are better ranking keywords than the equivalent in English because there is more competition with the English version of the word, name or phrase.

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