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Posted by on Mar 18, 2016 in Latest |

The Power of Online Marketing

One of the biggest rewards of the web to small and medium enterprises is the ready gateway it presents to remote markets, nationally and internationally, appropriately utilised the internet liberates consumers and entrepreneurs from the limitations of time and space. Online entrepreneurs can vigorously add immense value to their brands by incorporating the power of the web as a channel for exploration, organic growth, experience sharing and relationship building. In essence, e-marketing is similar to marketing, but is a collection of processes that aim to understand and react to consumer requirements in an online environment.


Numerous entrepreneurs view website creation as equally the starting point, and the end goal of an e-marketing programme, instead, it is necessary to put websites into a broader, more vibrant context. A website necessitates the formulation of a business purpose, therefore its design, functionality, information architecture and usability must be synchronised to attain those business objectives. Your site must be compelling and you can realise that by understanding your customers and their needs, to ensure an enriching experience.
Advertising, search engine optimisation and public relations draw traffic to your web location, and this multi-lateral approach comprises of offline and online advertising, email marketing and online PR pursuits (social media marketing). Search engines provide the ability to advertise contextually, when your site does not reach the top of the natural rankings, and pay per click (PPC) advertising is a cost effective means of highlighting your enterprise to the online traffic.

Another useful approach at which e-marketing garners web exposure is through listings in online business directories or portals, particularly ones focusing on specific niches. Announcing your products and services in well-crafted press releases can play a critical role in directing considerable traffic to your site. The chief reason behind many fatalities among online marketing operations is not technical breakdown, but process failure induced by short sightedness and tunnel vision. Excellent web customer experience can render pricing a secondary issue, and technology augmented marketing is a precipitous and perpetual learning curve, that demands entrepreneurs undertake in a series of stages.

It is paramount to exercise patience in any e-marketing initiative, success may take a little time, yet on the flip side, success could be your second worst nightmare; if you do not sufficiently prepare your site functionality for rapid expansion, dramatic success can easily shut you down and harm your brand image. While ecommerce sites must be constructed to boost sales, they should provide assistance, encourage feedback, provide product details and collect emails to maximise on usability and relevance. In the end the better, you familiarise yourself with your target market intimately, the easier it is to recognise and exploit the best niches within your reach.

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