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Posted by on Jun 1, 2016 in Latest |

The Online Business Book Club

If you are a business owner who loves a good book then check out my very popular book club for freelancers. The group is hosted in a Facebook group and is made up of freelancers from all over the world from different industries. The great thing about this online business book club is that it is completely free to join and you can engage in lots of interesting discussions about business, books and freelancing. There are rules that you must obey in order to stay a member of the group – these include NO SPAMMING, NO VULGUR BEHAVOUR, NO SELLING/PITCHES, etc.

The reason I created the online business book club – known as The Freelancer’s Book Club is because I felt that there wasn’t really anywhere like this online or on social media. Since its launch in February 2014, we have built a membership of almost 500 professionals and we continue to grow every day. One of the main rules in the group is that there should be no sales pitches, spamming or selling yourself. Why? Because there are hundreds if not thousands of other groups where can you do so on Facebook and elsewhere online. The Best Online Translator business book club was created as a recreational place for professionals to share their recommended book suggestions, ask advice on the best books to read and to generally have fun without focusing on trying to promote their services. Despite being a business book club, The Freelancer’s Book Club is not a place for doing business or gaining business but rather a place where you can discuss reading materials with likeminded business people.

If you have a book that you would like us to discuss or would like to advertise within our group then please email quoting “The Freelancer’s Book Club” as the subject line.

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