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Learning Welsh With Kelsey: Introducing You to the Welsh Language

Learning Welsh With Kelsey: Introducing You to the Welsh Language

My name is Kelsey and I am here to give you all a little insight into the Welsh Language. Now, I was born and raised in North Wales and went to an all Welsh primary and secondary school. Therefore, I am fluent in Welsh! I am so proud to be able to speak this rare and cultural language that I thought I would start this series so you can join me while I teach you this beautiful language!

Now, Welsh is the oldest language in Britain dating back almost 4,000 years! Welsh is a Celtic language along with Gaelic, which there is Scottish Gaelic and Irish Gaelic.
But where is it spoken? Only 21% of people who live in Wales speak Welsh, mostly in North West Wales. But Welsh is also spoken in England, Australia, United States of America and Patagonia in Argentina!

One question I always get asked is: ‘Why doesn’t the Welsh language have any vowels?’ But the fact is we do! That is just a little tattle-tale! English has a,e, i, o and u and sometimes use y in words such as ‘why’ and ‘fly’ etc… In Welsh we have a, e, i, o, u, w and y .We just have one extra vowel!

Does Welsh Have any Swear Words?
Of course we do! People also believe we only have religious swear words. We obviously have the translations such as ‘Iesu Grist’ for Jesus Christ and ‘Duw’ for God. But ‘Welsh slang’ has become very popular in the last two decades, which have been translated from modern English swear words – but I’m too polite to tell you them!

We always get told that we steal the majority of our words from English but that’s not true! The English language steals words from us too! The English word for Micro comes from the Greek word ‘Mikro’. English is a language which has taken inspiration from words from so many different languages which makes it such a great effective language.

Now, back to Welsh!
Here’s a few facts about the Welsh language:
1. We have our own alphabet with letters such as ‘dd, ch, ff, ngh’ Yes they are actual letters of the alphabet!
2. If you see a town in Wales with the word ‘Llan’ in it. It means there’s a river in that town or village!
3. The French ‘Un, Deux, Trois’ sounds similar to the Welsh ‘Un, Dau, Tri’

Hope this small and quick introduction to the Welsh Language sparks your interest to learn this fascinating and exciting language!

On a side note if you want to impress your friends, tell them the name of one of the worlds longest place names which is: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch (58 Letters)

This is the name of a real village in Wales – not far from my parents home!

Good Luck!

As Always
Kels from Miss Kels Day Blog

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