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Posted by on May 19, 2016 in Latest |

5 Excellent Business Books that You May Not Know About But Should

When you go into the Kindle Store, your book shop, library or online book store trying to find a book on business, you are left feeling overwhelmed at the sheer volume of available titles. Among the mountains of books that appear when searching for various business related books, are the most popular titles written by only the best selling authors. There are however, numerous books that offer fantastic information, written by industry specific specialists and authors who are not so well known. These are just 5 of the (random) titles that stand out as offering valuable information that you may not yet know of but should! Tribes: We need you to lead us How to Be a Coaching Rockstar S.O.S: A Business Mum’s Survival Guide For The School Holidays The YouTube and Pinterest Report The Huffington Post Complete Guide to...

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