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Where Can You Find the Best Online Translator Jobs?

Posted by on Jun 1, 2016 in Latest |

Unfortunately, a degree in translating or languages does not guarantee that you will land yourself a lucrative translation career straight after graduating. Many linguists find that setting up their own translation businesses is far more profitable and beneficial than working in-house where you are paid a set salary and made to work a set number of hours and with clients you may not choose to work with. For this reason, starting your own freelancing career seems the better option and it is, provided that you are able to find the best online translator jobs that will actually pay your bills! The internet is an enormous pool of opportunity, yet...

The Online Business Book Club

Posted by on Jun 1, 2016 in Latest |

If you are a business owner who loves a good book then check out my very popular book club for freelancers. The group is hosted in a Facebook group and is made up of freelancers from all over the world from different industries. The great thing about this online business book club is that it is completely free to join and you can engage in lots of interesting discussions about business, books and freelancing. There are rules that you must obey in order to stay a member of the group – these include NO SPAMMING, NO VULGUR BEHAVOUR, NO SELLING/PITCHES, etc. The reason I created the online business book...

5 Excellent Business Books that You May Not Know About But Should

Posted by on May 19, 2016 in Latest |

When you go into the Kindle Store, your book shop, library or online book store trying to find a book on business, you are left feeling overwhelmed at the sheer volume of available titles. Among the mountains of books that appear when searching for various business related books, are the most popular titles written by only the best selling authors. There are however, numerous books that offer fantastic information, written by industry specific specialists and authors who are not so well known. These are just 5 of the (random) titles that stand out as offering valuable information that you may not yet know of but should! Tribes: We need...

Which First? Business Education Or Real Business?

Posted by on Apr 13, 2016 in Latest |

It is a common question often asked: which do you start first – your education in business or your real business? Let’s take a look at both sides of this debate to examine in closer detail, what goes into making a successful business. Why You Need Business Education If you are going to gain great success from anything, it is unlikely to come to you without any knowledge, research, skills learning or hard work. The best and most highly paid job positions usually involve a university degree, heaps of background knowledge or an intriguing lifestyle, such as years spent travelling or living an unconventional lifestyle – all of which...

Learning Welsh With Kelsey: Introducing You to the Welsh Language

Posted by on Mar 26, 2016 in Latest |

My name is Kelsey and I am here to give you all a little insight into the Welsh Language. Now, I was born and raised in North Wales and went to an all Welsh primary and secondary school. Therefore, I am fluent in Welsh! I am so proud to be able to speak this rare and cultural language that I thought I would start this series so you can join me while I teach you this beautiful language! Now, Welsh is the oldest language in Britain dating back almost 4,000 years! Welsh is a Celtic language along with Gaelic, which there is Scottish Gaelic and Irish Gaelic. But where...

How to Create and Maintain a Photography Blog

Posted by on Mar 26, 2016 in Latest |

In the standard world of blogging, high quality content is far more important than pictures. You have probably heard the stories from many bloggers who have “made it” and one of the comments they make most often is that they all started out with basic photography equipment – it was their content that brought them their success. On the other hand, if your aim is to run a photography blog, where your photos tell the story more than the text then you will need to structure and carefully plan your photography just like you would with standard text blog posts. Here are some top tips that you should bear...

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