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Who Hires Translators?

You may know a lot about translators, you may know people who are translators and you may even be a translator. However, do you know the type of people who hire translators?   Well, in actual fact there is no specific type of person or type of people that hire translators because many people, companies […]

The Productivity Problem

If you’ve been concerned about the impact your personal productivity is having on your business, you are not alone…   Today’s small business owners are complaining about time-related pressures more than ever, saying that there’s simply no way possible that they could EVER complete everything that’s expected of them. Should you get up at the […]

The Power of Online Marketing

One of the biggest rewards of the web to small and medium enterprises is the ready gateway it presents to remote markets, nationally and internationally, appropriately utilised the internet liberates consumers and entrepreneurs from the limitations of time and space. Online entrepreneurs can vigorously add immense value to their brands by incorporating the power of […]

2016 Best Online Translator